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Opened in 2004, Kamu Lodge is a private eco-lodge engaged with low-impact travel, seeking for a balance between tourism and the maintenance of the region’s cultural and ethnic heritage. On the banks of the Mekong River, in a remote valley of rice fields, small villages and forested mountains, it is still a good example of integration within the natural environment while working closely with a local village, where guests have the opportunity to see first hand the rural life in Laos.

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Accommodation (via Green Discovery Indochina)

Two of the world’s top-three hotels accommodate guests in safari Tented Lodges. Just like Kamu – tented lodge in Laos. 20 freestanding lodges are hybrids actually. Thick-walled tents shut out the elements while a sturdy thatch roof guards against rain and sun. However rustic the look and feel, the mattresses guarantee a good night’s sleep in Luang Prabang.

In the spirit of sustainable lodging, solar panels fixed to the roofs gather just enough juice to keep your fan turning all night and your interior lit. Every lodge features a whitewashed stone annex, and the familiar trappings of a traditional bath. Hot water flows from Kamu showerheads. And there’s ample space to maneuver about as you make your daily ablutions.

On the apron of every lodge, a thatch-covered veranda and its rustic easy chairs encourage passive enjoyment of a timeless view over the slow-moving Mekong. Full board accommodation in Luang Prabang features return river transfers.


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Perched on a bluff above the Mekong, dining at Kamu Lodge is a cultural experience all its own. In this unique, stilted pavilion, guests dine as local Kamu villagers frequently do. In the open air. Under thatch. On Lao cuisine borne in the heart of jungle. At dinner, eat local food, drink local beverage. Feast on fish harvested from the Mekong. On pork raised by local farmers.

On beef and buffalo and curry flavored Kamu style. Most of the rice and produce is grown within walking distance. And the fruits you eat at dinner may be the fruits you passed during your trek that day. Likewise, lunch is a local affair. The pork, beef and vegetable dishes vary with the season, and availability. What doesn’t vary is the local appeal. You’re eating what the locals are eating. At breakfast, the restaurant delivers comfort foods familiar to Western travelers.

Beyond dining, the bar at Kamu Lodge is a thirst quenching experience whether your beverage of choice is locally distilled or imported from abroad. The well-stocked bar rarely fails to satisfy.

Slow Travel

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The lodge encourages guests to learn about an ancient culture by taking the time to live and observe the local villagers, in a harmonious and non-intrusive manner. Guests can join in the local activities if the villagers welcome them or also choose to just appreciate the remote lifestyles through quiet participation and observation. The key of this experience is quiet appreciation, allowing our guests to get in touch with their innermost selves, learning more about themselves by being a part of an ancient community, oblivion to the outside world.

Kamu lodge is located adjacent to the Kamu village. Considerable attention has been made by the creators of Kamu Lodge to ensure the seamless integration into the local environment by tapping into local knowledge and materials. Working closely with the village head, Kamu Lodge engages villagers to work at the lodge, sharing and teaching the management how to deliver the Kamu experience in a most authentic and sustainable manner.

Ever conscious about encroaching and changing the local habits, founders of Kamu Lodge collaborated with the various authorities to ensure its slow travel concept is fully supported by experts in the developmental fields. For instance, Kamu Lodge collaborates with the local health authorities to provide medical care to the villagers. Kamu Lodge also supports the local community via micro credit financing supported by Laos Village Development Fund, helping the villagers to realize their dreams.

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