La Folie Lodge


Located on the charming Done Daeng Island, a free car island, part of the Champasak cultural and natural heritage landscape, La Folie Lodge sits along the Mekong River, on a beach facing the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Wat Phou.

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Standard Room: Set in lovely wooden bungalows situated in the middle of the tropical garden, the 2 Standard rooms offer approximately 33 square meters of space luxuriously furnished with local materials. Each standard room features its own private terrace with a view on the garden.

Superior Room: The 23 Superior rooms are all located in wooden bungalows, and offer approximately 37 square meters of space luxuriously furnished with local materials. Each Superior room has its own terrace with stunning views over the Mekong and the sacred hills of Wat Phou.

Well-furnished accommodation (via Audley Travel)

The Residence: Originally built as the owner’s private villa, La Residence is a two bedroom wooden house built in a colonial style, sitting in its own tropical garden.

It offers approximately 160 square meters of living space, as well as a 50 square meters terrace with stunning views of the Mekong and the sacred hills of Wat Phou. It is fully furnished and decorated in a colonial style, with all modern amenities such as air-conditioning in all rooms, kitchen/bar, spacious bathrooms, hi-fi, 32 inch flat screen LCD Monitor, DVD player plus a selection of DVDs.

The Residence, with its wide living space, comfort and atmosphere, is the ideal place for VIP guests, families and travelers who wish to spend a few relaxing days.

Facilities & Services

Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool (via Audley Travel)

Take a dip in 7×12 meters pool, once the first and unique pool in Southern Laos. Admire the magnificent views on the Mekong River and the Wat Phou sacred mountains. Relax on the sunbeds, under the shade of palm trees or bright colored sun umbrellas. All day you can also enjoy light snacks and refreshments, which makes it the perfect spot to follow the incredible sunsets on the sacred What Phou mountains.


The poolside restaurant, open-aired but sheltered by an impressive but graceful wooden tiled roof, offers authentic Asian cuisine as well as classical continental delicacies.

Hotel’s enthusiastic Chef, Mrs Ohn, excels in inviting guests to discover her native specialties, as well as continental dishes learnt from the French chef who trained her. She selects the freshest ingredients, most of them bought from the neighbor local markets or, depending on seasons, picked in the lodge’s vegetable and fruit garden. You will also enjoy our selection of red, white and rosé wines, ranging from Europe to new world.”

Restaurant (via Vietnam and beyond Luxury Journeys with MQ)


Located in the poolside restaurant, the bar stands under the now famous “elephant orgy” wooden sculpture, executed by talented local craftsmen. Enjoy the best of western cocktails, as well as in-house special creations always shacked with talent by our promising chief barman.

The bar also offers a cozy lounge area, where guests enjoy sharing their travel experiences around a glass of wine. Books are also available, as well as free Wi-Fi for those who want to reconnect with the outside world. On sunsets, the Terrace is the perfect place to sit and watch the stars with a glass of cool beer.


Discover a tropical sanctuary of local exquisite plants and trees that our team of gardeners have been attending with great care for the last 8 years. Search for the biggest (or the widest) palm tree, count the number of different bamboo species, smell the essence of lemongrass and cardamom, or listen to the 39 different species of bird that found shelter in the lodge’s garden.

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