Laos Sausage

Laos Sausage
Laos Sausage

Lao sausage, also known as Laotian sausage / Sai Oua / Sai Ua or Sai Gork / Sai Kork , usually refers to a popular type of Lao sausage made from coarsely chopped fatty pork seasoned with lemongrass, galangal, kaffir lime leaves, shallots, cilantro, chillies, garlic, salt and fish sauce.

Another variant is known as “soured Lao sausage”. It uses cooked Lao sticky rice as an additional ingredient in the filling, which is then allowed to “sour” at room temperature for a couple of days.

Laos Sausage
Laos Sausage

Other types of Lao sausages are “Mam” (beef liver sausage) and “Sai Gork Leuat” (blood sausage).

Laos sausage makes a pleasant appetizer or snack. Chopped pork meat, seasoned with herbs such as lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, shallots, cilantro, galangal and flavoured with fish sauce. Good with sticky rice and fresh vegetables.

Laos Sausage
Laos Sausage

Laotian Sausage (shown here in pork, but it also exists in spicy beef) is one of the most eaten specialities in Luang Prabang. Marriages, religious ceremonies, and other festivities normaly have a meal and include this sort of sausage, which is very much appreciated by Laotians and even tourists who have more delicate taste buds.

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