Phongsali – tranquil province in Laos


Phongsali is the northernmost province of Laos which might meet your desire to run away the bustling life. If you’re seeking for a peaceful and authentic destination to hide from hassle and bustle, Phongsali is perfect choice for you.

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Phongsali is a capital of a province of the same name in Laos. It is located in the northernmost of Laos, at the height of 1,430m on the slopes of Mount Phu Fa which is 1,625m high. The site is famous for a fascinating view of the endless mountains and the mystic canyon of Nam Ou River. The ethnic highlight of Phongsali is first expressed by the exceptional houses constructed in the Yunnanese style with beautiful wooden fronts. This is home to around 28 different ethnic groups who make the province ethnically rich.

Phongsali – a peaceful destination in Laos

Besides, a landmark in this rustic area refers to the 400-year-old tea plantation in Ban Komaen Village where preserves some of the oldest tea regions in the world. The long-lasting tea tradition makes “Phongsali tea” extraordinarily aromatic and tasty. The green land of Phongsali also covers the abundant flora and fauna, and some are new to science. More and more trekking tours are organized in the lush forests to give travelers authentic feeling about the original Laos world. For culinary joy, remember you enjoy Laos rice whiskey and some regional dishes made of the wild forest ingredients in the Laos and Yunnanese styles.

Attractions in Phongsali

Museum of Ethnic Group

Rich in ethnic culture, costume, and language, Phongsali has the competent Musem of Ethnic Group which functions as the great local landmark. Visiting this site, the travelers can cherish lots of distinctive local textiles, handicrafts, and artifacts. The short stay in the museum brings various new feelings about the “hidden” spaces where people protect their ethnic traditions regardless how the world is changing rapidly.

Ethnic group in Phongsali

With no bustle and hassle of the city life, Phongsali and the ethic museum offer you the stress-free moments when you take it easy to smile, learn, and experience. There must be something makes you interested here! The sightseeing of the ethnic textiles, artifacts, or handicrafts can attract numerous foreign guests who find them new, exclusive, and special on their own. The culture, costume, language, and tradition of various ethnic groups like Khmu, Tai Lue, Akha, and Hor are available to see here.

Phou Fa Mountain

With the height of 1,625m, Phou Fa Mountain offers Phongsali provincial capital with the pleasant and refreshing climate. The mountain itself is also a great attraction to see. It is ideal for hiking through the forest to reach the stupa on the top of the mountain and enjoy the wonderful panorama of the town beneath. You’re free to spread the eyes toward the far-off mountains as well as every site in the town from the top location. Make sure you bring a camera to capture the bewitching moments! The exciting hiking journey lets you meet lots of remote villages on the way. Stop by any of villages that interest you, interact with the locals, and take some pictures of them. It is a happy experience as some of the friendliest people are living in this remote destination.

Ban Komaen Village

Ban Komaen Village 

The 400-year-old tea plantation in this village receives the international recognition for its great quality, fantastic aroma, and appetizing taste. Visiting Ban Komaen Village, it feels like you are stepping into the authentic tea world which is totally fresh, green, romantic, and fragrant. The spacious tea field has the fertile soil which supports the tree to develop and meet the world-class standard. As a result, “Phongsali tea” is one of the nicest highlights that the tourists can expect in this off-the-bean-track destination. Note that the fertilizers and chemicals have NEVER been used in this wild tea area! That ensures the tea here is 100% natural and healthy enough to keep your body feel good, reduce fat, and have a positive mind. Spending time to savor cups of tea here!

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